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We have made it easier for you to find and submit to indie radio stations and other related sites by contacting each program manager and doing the research. Each station has been added to this directory with permission. We did a little work and you reap the rewards and now we offer it to you free to use! Be sure to check back often, new stations will be added all the time!

Here are some great tips to increase your chances at having successful music submissions to radio, blogs, reviewers and interviewers. Take your time and make it part of your art to have great looking submissions! Make these tips your new submission habit!

  • Do not use promotional language when submitting. Act like you are talking to the program director to their face. Start out with casual language that doesn't promote anything, rather introduce yourself as a person.
  • Do NOT blindly submit! Choose only those stations or blogs that best fit your artistic works.
  • Include album/EP cover images and even stories about how songs came to be
  • Make sure all tracks have their ID3 tags in place [What is ID3v2?] | [Six ID3 Tag Editors]
  • Include places to download, stream and buy the music under each album cover
  • Include all your social links at the bottom of the submission
  • If you're looking for interviews, be sure to include info on current events and/or hot topics the interviewers can work from.

Submission Sites

Alternative / Rock / Metal

Boston Rock Radio Logo
Boston Rock Radio
Wayne Benson

Owner/Radio Host

Boston Rock Radio is an Internet Indie Rock and Metal Radio station streaming at 192k to audiences worldwide. Located just north of Boston, MA USA, we broadcast live music 24/7 from some of the best unsigned and independent artist/bands worldwide. The station?s programming format focuses on promoting original music created by independent and unsigned artists from around the globe. Music genres include; Rock, Hard Rock & Metal.

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Jack's Punk Rock Demonstration Logo
Jack's Punk Rock Demonstration


Jack's Punk Rock Demonstration

A two hour punk rock show with music and interviews of various punk rock bands Mondays 7:00PM - 9:00PM PST

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365 Radio Network Logo
365 Radio Network
The Metal Seductress

Internet Radio Presenter

Tune in Thursdays 4-7pm Pacific to hear Metal & Rock by bands not signed to a major label from around the world. This show is but a small part of the 365 Radio Network; The most interactive radio network on the planet. Submissions are welcome from metal, rock, punk and any sub-genre of the three even if it's dub-stepish sounding. Progressive stuff rocks too! Make sure your tracks are titled like this: Band Name - Track Title - Album Title.mp3

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Poptastic Radio Logo
Poptastic Radio

Fantastic Pop Music!

Poptastic Radio

Fantastic Pop Music!

Poptastic Radio plays a fresh mix of Britpop/Classic Rock/Indie from Popular and Indie Artists.

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Indie Imagination Radio Logo
Indie Imagination Radio

Enjoy the good vibe of Indie music with us!

We stream music from the late '70s to the present, focusing on Indie, Britpop and Alternative and to a lesser extent New Wave, Shoegaze,Grunge, Ska, (Post)-Punk and College Rock. A selection of tracks with a good vibe from the CDs of the selected bands and artists.

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The Maestro

The 'Q' - Q108 Kingston. Kingston's #1 INDIE ROCK STATION

Where The Music Does The Talking.


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108.8 The End Logo
108.8 The End
Richard Robillard - Program Director

is musically formatted as an alternative / indie music station. Always looking for independent artists!

108.8 The End is an alternative / indie rock station from Ontario, Canada. We are always looking for independent artists, and always looking for fresh acts to promote worldwide!

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Indie Music Bus Newsletters Logo
Indie Music Bus Newsletters
Walter Hargrave

Never Miss Another Opportunity

Subscribe to the Official Newsletter for Indie Music Bus to receive important updates or opportunities for bands and artists. Don't miss out on another opportunity, we know you have missed some of them! Starting now, the only way people are going to know about new or current opportunities will be via these newsletters.

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FlobCast Logo
Various Presenters and playlists

Promoting the Music that Matters 100% unsigned music radio

FlobCast Streaming Radio. Broadcasting unsigned music to your Desktop, Tablet and Mobile 24/7. We rely heavily on the support of Bands & Artists both local and worldwide to submit their tracks for air, In return we promote these artists on air and via automated tweets encouraging Listeners to go checkout the Artists and Bands via the twitter links we post. we also have presenters who showcase music and include live interviews in there shows. As an addition we have just started a weekly poll for listeners to vote to get there favourite Band or Artists featured for a week on our platform. The feature include having your tracks regularly aired along with automated tweets with your links and most importantly where to BUY your music. With a load of ideas in the works It will be an exciting adventure but whatever we do will be to benefit you the artists and always at no charge.

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Insomnia Radio Logo
Insomnia Radio
Insomnia Radio Team


Insomnia Radio

One of the first Indie Music podcasts, with daily mp3's thrown into the mix. Your FM Dial doesn't stand a chance. Follow along

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Wardco Studios Showcase features Indie Music Logo
Wardco Studios Showcase features Indie Music
Ward Kelley

Jeff Stafford

Wardco Studios Showcase features Indie Music in an effort to support and promote Indie musicians and bands from around the country.

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101.1 The F.A.M™ Logo
101.1 The F.A.M™
VA Tek - VP of Programming

We ARE Digital Radio!

101.1 The F.A.M™ is an Internet Radio Station, with a mission to make sure the voices of the underrepresented are heard by providing a platform which encourages multinational diversity and understanding through FASHION. ART. & MUSIC.

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#MusicMafiaRadio Logo
Rick Landstrom - Owner & Lead DJ

is an all-independent, all-genre internet station w/live shows & chat room.

#MusicMafiaRadio is an all-independent, all-genre, internet station. We offer several live shows (with chat room) each week including Top 30 Countdown, Interview Night, Rick's Freaky Fridays & Afternoon Indie with Lisa Lynn.

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The Mad Music Asylum Logo
The Mad Music Asylum
with your host, Uncle Duke

Highlighting the best indie music every Sunday night at 11pm eastern with repeats throughout the week.

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Blogger's Directory Logo
Blogger's Directory
Walter Hargrave

by Indie Music Bus™

Independent Music Bloggers have added their details for you to learn about them and what they are looking for to blog about. Be personable and not promotional when contacting anyone about your music. Use stories to capture their attention for best results!

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The Neeshcast Logo
The Neeshcast


The Neeshcast is a weekly show on Radio Xenu showcasing the best in Underground, Indie, Unsigned, DIY music. Hosted by Miss Neesh, this podcast focuses on new and emerging artists who post their music for free online! On air: Wednesdays 10pm EST. Thursdays 7pm EST. Always on:, iTunes, Stitcher.

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UGM Radio Logo
UGM Radio
UGM Network

Independent music from around the World and all genres 24/7 non stop

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Bynar's Indie Disco Logo
Bynar's Indie Disco

Monday live every week at 6 pm GMT. Your music must fall under the indie, alternative, post-punk, shoegaze, darkwave, gothic, industrial, and electronica labels ? i.e., no hip-hop, folk, R&B, Top-40, disco, etc.

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Radio KSCR Logo
Radio KSCR

Host & resident of Radio KSCR

Screw Pop Culture every Thursday from 8-10pm - All GENRES

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Itsezbreezy Logo


Itsezbreezy plays a wide range of Indie music Itsezbreezy is a website,blog and podcast dedicated to playing music from musicians, as well as interviewing the musicians.

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Girls Rock Radio Logo
Girls Rock Radio

Women Artists on Internet Radio

We've Got Fun Fresh Music and we are seeking out great new Indie artists!

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Tuesday's Live Logo
Tuesday's Live
Mark Lamdanski & Rich Wildman - Executive Producers & Hosts

Every Tuesday night 7pm EDT

A weekly live video broadcast, based on the award winning retired show, Twitter Tuesday Live. We feature independent musicians, authors, actors, comedians and more!

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BigTime Radio Logo
BigTime Radio

Indie Music Promoter 24/7 Commercial Free

INDIE music 24/7 , commercial FREE with a FEW stars thrown in that follow me. US VET supporting indie artists. Artists own their own copyrights. ASCAP Member.

BTR streams Country, Folk, Country Rock, Alt Rock and soon we will feature a Gospel segment for Sunday mornings.

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The Appetizer Radio Hour Logo
The Appetizer Radio Hour
D Grant Smith

Chef & Host

Discover the Unknown Flavors Of Music Weekly - For artists or bands who want to submit music for potential airplay, request an interview or book a performance with an available venue in our area.

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The Justin Wayne Show Logo
The Justin Wayne Show
Justin Wayne

Producer / Presenter

A 2 hour weekly live radio show and podcast promoting some of the best independent music playing tracks, interviewing artists, and recording live sessions and gigs. The Justin Wayne Show, Music's Independent Spirit. New shows are Monday's 8pm GMT (3pm EST) and all shows are podcasted on the site and can be played on demand.

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Seattle Wave Radio Logo
Seattle Wave Radio
Mark Gordon

7 different channels 24/7 ft. Northwest bands and artists

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Two Ton Music Show Logo
Two Ton Music Show
Tom Matthew


featuring interviews with musicians, music news, album reviews, and discussions on various social issues in music and in the music industry.

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Interviews Logo
Michael Stone


Full length interviews with select artists, I am looking for great Indie artists with all original material.

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Beyond the Dawn Radio Logo
Beyond the Dawn Radio
T Dawn - Radio Host / Owner

(BTD Radio)

We are an ?open? genre radio show airing some of the hottest indies music around the world. We showcase featured artists and provide them with extra radio spins, interviews, music reviews and themes. Our show is fun, entertaining and widely becoming very popular in the internet radio world.

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Take 2 Radio Logo
Take 2 Radio


Take 2 Radio Music:
Indie Music & Interviews on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 3pm eastern time!

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KGUP FM Emerge Radio Logo
KGUP FM Emerge Radio
Mikey Jayy - Program Director

Where Emerging Artists Are Discovered

Before indie artists take that next step to the majors, they are discovered here. NAdB member.

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The Justin Sane LIVE Show Logo
The Justin Sane LIVE Show
Justin Sane

Program Director/ Host/ Producer

*LIVE* Monday through Thursday at 9am EST All Independent, All The Time. The Justin Sane LIVE Show brings you the very BEST in Independent music from all over Local Music Earth. To Submit music for the show/station, email Justin Sane Show mp3 Tracks properly tagged with artist & Song Please.

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Classy Silhouette Radio Logo
Classy Silhouette Radio
Jennifer Bryant


We accept the following genres of music (Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, House, Dance, and Reggae Music. If you are an artist or dj and you would like to make a submission please send all submissions to our email below. All submissions must be in mp3 format at 128kbps. Please make sure all of your tracks have the appropriate id3 tags (artist name, song title, and album title if applicable.) Please send the clean version of your song.

We cannot guarantee that we will contact you about your submission. If your submission is accepted it will be added to our programming.Also we do not pay royalties at this time so please take this into consideration before making your submission.

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It Matters Radio Logo
It Matters Radio
Monica Brinkman - Host

Live Every Mon-Fri 4PM PT US - Sundays 4PM PT US

It Matters Radio presents visual as well as audio music to our viewers. We introduce our audience to Indie music from around the globe. Every Sunday, Host Monica Brinkman and our Musical Guest Host, Kerry Hall, invite you to get an intimate look at the artist(s) behind the great sounds.
We also present Special Holiday Broadcasts and Spoken Word Broadcasts via our host Kenneth Weene's, Walking On the Weene Side, shows.
So send in your submissions of music or guest requests today!

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Official Indie Music Monday Logo
Official Indie Music Monday
Walter Hargrave

Music Monday by the Independent for Everyone

Submit your story and streaming links to Indie Music Monday for your chance at a full weeks promotion on's front page with your best video as the background and a custom, based on research of your career, 800+ word interview published and promoted!

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IndieCast Logo
Darrell Myers

"No Labels, Just Good Music"

IndieCast is a community of artists and listeners who love good independent music. No labels, just good music. We provide worldwide exposure to unsigned artists and small label submitted music through our live radio/video streams and social media 24/7. Check us out and spread the word!

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Oliver Sean

MTV EMA Nominated Artist, Producer & Radio Host

Playing breakthrough Global Independent Music consistently every week. Currently in its 9th Season (All Genres Accepted)

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Radio Casbah Logo
Radio Casbah
The Fevered Brain

Radio Casbah is the brainchild of Michael ?RadioMike? Perazzetti, who has 16 years of Internet Radio experience as founder and primary host of The Fevered Brain of RadioMike, an eclectic show with a mix of genres, local, unsigned, and independent artists. This is a continuation of that original musical idea. Additional news and commentary programming will be added later. While Radio Casbah accepts almost every genre, and is looking for additional personalities to host shows locally, nationally and internationally to feature music that might not be heard otherewise, The current staff is not particularly fond of metal and screamo as well as hardcore punk (Perazzetti is trying to recruit someone to host a show featuring harder music where he lives in Columbus, GA, an area with several excellent hardcore punk bands). The reason for this is that it's hard to mix music in his shows with such extremes in musical approach, though he would like to. (current content on the site are old shows that due to personal circumstances that never aired until now and I am still working out the kinks in current podcasting practices) Michael Perazzetti

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Music FridayLive! Radio Logo
Music FridayLive! Radio
Patrick O'Heffernan

Host and music reviewer

Music FridayLive! One hour broadcast every Friday, interviewing bands and artists and playing cuts from their tunes.

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KB Radio Logo
KB Radio
Al - DJ Owner & all around good egg

What Radio Used To Be

I bring you a mix of 70 through 90's with a splash of 2000's and Indie music all day. There are 5 theme shows a week with live host, 70's, 80's, Indie Night, Classic Rock Night and All Request night. Its a station you can put on and leave on all day or night, and keep hearing great music.

No requirements, No Rap, No Country and no Celine Dion

Learn more about Al via our Exclusive Interview

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The Kitty Opal Show Logo
The Kitty Opal Show

Bringing you tomorrow's music, today.

Playing you the best in unsigned and under-the-radar music from around the world to a global audience. To have your music played on the show, send some CLEAN mp3s and a bio for consideration.

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Radio Laurier Logo
Radio Laurier
James Blake

We tweet for all of our shows and our playlists where indie music we receive is heavily featured.

Details | Submit | Listen | Twitter
Soul Traveller Radio Logo
Soul Traveller Radio
Shayne Locke

Program Director

All Conscious Music...All The Time.. Soul Traveller Radio is an all conscious music station which means we play music with a positive message (whatever genre). Whilst the station is not indie only, it is a huge supporter of indie music, offering several shows that can put your music into the ears of the conscious music listeners. Music, interviews, meditation and yoga. This is what Soul Traveller Radio sounds like.

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Bondi Beach Radio Logo
Bondi Beach Radio
MissTanya & Nadine


Live every Tuesday via Bondi Beach Radio (digital) 4pm - 6pm AEST

Bondi Beach Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from our EastSide studios in Bondi and Kings Cross, #bbr #eastside #radiorevolution.

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KSVG 89.7fm Savage Radio Logo
KSVG 89.7fm Savage Radio
Greg Looney

Program Director

KSVG 89.7fm Savage Radio

Kern County's only community radio station. With mainly an Indie Rock/music format. We also play punk, reggae, British indie/pop, rockabilly, blues, Jazz, ska, goth, deep 80s, and Bakersfield Country. R&B, Pop, and Rap aren't in our format.
We have several community affairs/ pop culture programs in our format.

Details | Submit | Listen | Twitter Logo

Creator/Music Director/Show Producer are 4 radio stations of commercial free programming for the indie artist.

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Strange Label Logo
Strange Label
Mike & Matt

Station Managers

The Strange Label project started not long ago. Our plan is to feature one band (or artist) per month to play in between our pre-recorded programs. Ideally, if selected, we would like the artist to record a brief bumper identifying themselves and saying that they are the featured band of the month on to ensure people hearing them know who they're hearing.

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BWD Radio Logo
BWD Radio
Ms. V

By "WACHAH!!" Demand - Indie Artist Radio

BWD Radio Supports the Indie Artists? by providing them with an opportunity to be seen and heard. "Changing the World, One Voice at a Time."

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Addictions and other Vices Podcast Logo
Addictions and other Vices Podcast
Tom McNeil

Podcast every week Indie Mondays plus Bonus shows throughout the week Addictions and other Vices. Hosted by Tom McNeil of the band parker BOMBSHELL A mix of New Wave, Electronic, Alternative and Indie Music.

Podcast every week Indie Mondays plus Bonus shows throughout the week Addictions and other Vices. Hosted by Tom McNeil of the band parker BOMBSHELL A mix of New Wave, Electronic, Alternative and Indie Music.

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Generation Zel! Radio Logo
Generation Zel! Radio
Richard Robillard - Program Director

Our station is musically formatted as a top 40 / EDM / Hip-Hop station. Always looking for independent artists!

Generation Zel! Radio is a digital station with a focus on electronic dance music (EDM), specifically big room, house and trance.

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Rap / R&B / Soul / Jazz

K-100 Radio Logo
K-100 Radio

Program Director

K-100 Radio highlights indie artist, Hip Hop and R&B, on our 24/7 streaming broadcast along with major artist also. We are listed in iTunes Radio and the Tunein mopile app. Good Music, Live interviews & more

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Phenomenal Radio Logo
Phenomenal Radio

The Most Versatile Hip-Hop Station In the World

Phenomenal Radio with listeners in over 60+ countries/territories. We play Indie Artists from around the World for FREE plus we make your spins count! Streaming 24/7! Phenomenal Radio is a legally licensed ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC internet radio.

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WKMT Digital Radio Miami, FL Logo
WKMT Digital Radio Miami, FL
Lamar "Profit" Exilus

Connect the world through music!

Dagr8fm #1 Global Hip Hop Station .. Official affiliates of Stream-licensing, Digital Radio Tracker and Nielsen. Dagr8fm broadcasting on digital radio platforms such as Streema, Reciva, Radionomy, Xiialive, TuneIn and iTunes Radio. Dagr8fm Radio Station on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry and other app-enabled mobile phones.

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Country / Americana / Folk

Crossroads Country Radio Logo
Crossroads Country Radio
Michael Burns - Program Director/ Host/ Owner

Bringing you 24/7 Country Music

Route 66 Media presents: Crossroads Country Radio. Bringing you 24/7 Country Music from today's Emerging Country Music Artist Read the instructions via the Details link below!

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Chasing Your Dream Radio Logo
Chasing Your Dream Radio
Tom Kelly

We will play your music it might not make you famous but it will make your day.

We play up and coming country music indie artists Station Submission Requirements: We accept mp3 files via email on our web site.

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iCountryGold Logo
Internet Radio

Down home country music by down home artists

iCountryGold is an up and coming Internet radio station that broadcasts only independent and small label Country artists willing to submit music on a play for promotion basis. We take a personal interest in our artists and actively support them on Twitter and other social media.

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PT's Roadhouse Radio Logo
PT's Roadhouse Radio
Paul Tessier


PT's Roadhouse Radio, Weekly internet radio show and blog program guide featuring an eclectic mix of Americana, Blues, Indie and Roots music. Shows are built around theme sets. Shows are produced and archived on my site- folks can listen anytime!

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FHR Radio Entertainment Logo
FHR Radio Entertainment

Licensed online radio station playing country and pop music

FHR Radio is a licensed U.S. based online radio station playing a combination of country and pop music from major and independent artists at the national and international level. We accept music in the country and pop genres in MP3 format.

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