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Band of the Month
Friends of Emmet

Hometown: Dublin, IRE/ Los Angeles,CA
Genre: Rock

On occasion a band comes along and perks your interest with great vocals and lyrics. Then that band releases a new album like "State of Mind" ( iTunes | AmazonUK ) and locks the deal transforming you into a life long fan. That band today is Friends of Emmet our Band of the Month for July! This month 6 of the 10 judges voting picked F.O.E. and if I had to vote for a tie breaker, I would have too. I don't know about you, but I would like to know who the lucky person named Emmet is! ~ Walt

As the month progresses, we will have more to share with you from our partners in the form of interviews. Some will be on live radio, others via email as well as possible reviews so please check back often! The News section below is where you will find these updates.

For now please enjoy the video, music and other things by Friends of Emmet below!

Judge Quotes

George: "Pour yourself an Irish coffee and turn on Friends of Emmet. I haven't heard music to get excited about in a long time. Give them a listen and you will be a friend of Emmet, as well."

Carlos: "This band is one of the main reasons why I volunteered to be a judge. I may not have otherwise have ever heard of FOE. Damn glad I have now!"

C Bret: "FOE nailed every aspect from songwriting to production."

Diana: ".. I stood at attention when I heard the sound and lyrics. I suggest you become a new friend of theirs as I am now!"

Video by Friends of Emmet

13th Floor [Official Video]

Hero [Official Video] and Playlist

Promo Tweets


F.O.E. are the sixth act to be invited to be featured on our ReverbNation Roster and they have accepted!

The song "Coming Apart" will be used in one of the top television shows in the UK "Love/Hate" Sept 2014!

"We did it again folks, 9 different songs from the album State Of Mind plus the two bonus tracks, Try & Young Americans received over 50 plays from Irish Radio Stations around the Country last week . That is two weeks in row, unheard of for an unsigned band." via FOE Facebook page

"Almost every song from the Debut Album "State Of Mind" (plus two Bonus tracks Young Americans & Try) were played/Aired by Different Radio Stations in Ireland (both North & South) over the past week . No independent,un-signed,un-managed,Self Promoted band has ever achieved the likes of this!" via FOE Facebook page

Facebook Cover Photo

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The album cover on this cover photo is for the album "State of Mind" - Click the photo to get the full sized version.

Friends of Emmet Facebook Cover Photo

EPK Excerpt

Friends Of Emmet (otherwise known as F.O.E) are a Rock band originally from Dublin, Ireland, but are now based between Dublin & Los Angeles CA.

The band members are Mark Leddy (Vocals, Piano and Acoustic Guitar) Brian Lynam (Lead Guitar) Keith Geraghty (Bass), Gary Sullivan (Drums) & Tim Boland (Guitar & Keyboards). F.O.E. will release long player "State Of Mind" in Mar 2014; the album consists of ten songs, all of which have been licensed to MTV & used on shows such as Jersey Shore,The Real World,FriendZone & The PaulyD Project.

The band are also receiving airplay support in multiple countries including America, Canada, Germany, Italy,Scotland, Spain, England, Ireland, Australia, Wales, Ecuador, Sweden & Japan.

One of the tracks, "Hero" which is due for release on February 21st 2014 has been featured in the independent movie "The Saving." Another song, "Coming Apart," is a tribute to Kevin Hines, who attempted to take his own life at the young age of 19, yet survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. "Coming Apart", was also featured in UK Hit TV dramas Eastenders and HollyOaks. They showcased recently at Canadian Music Week and Musexpo in LA Which lead them to be invited onto #1 morning show in Canada (Canada AM). The official "Coming Apart" Video was just featured on the CBS Sunday Morning Show (USA).

Following a call from Phil Dargan, an old friend and a former 98fm DJ in Dublin who championed "The Cage" in the early days, Mark rekindled his friendship with former band members Keith Geraghty and Brian Lynam. They started writing together again and subsequently enlisted the help of Mark"s longtime Irish friends Tim Boland and Gary Sullivan to record the critically acclaimed and uncompromising debut album "State of Mind" under the banner "Friends of Emmet".

Music via ReverbNation

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